Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Been a it off for some time now, hope to get it together again soon.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Break Time With French Market Coffee!

        I am trying very hard to be patient while waiting for a fresh cup of coffee. Coffee of choice in this house is French Market, we wouldn't have another brand, they just don't measure up!  Black or with cream you just can't beat that rich wonderful taste!

        Well it's ready and as you can see I added a little Coffee Mate of "Caramel Macchiato" to help stave off extras like cookies or cake. I certainly don't need more sweets today, morning cereal was more then enough in the sugar department! I will drink the rest of that pot black and thoroughly enjoy every drop! 

         The only thing that would make coffee break time better would be having company to enjoy it with me or to be sitting in some neat little cafe in New Orleans right now. 

          Life is good, go, enjoy the day!

Hersheys Saved The Day!

            My sweet husband who is diabetic and bed bound, has been wanting chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! So I checked out our local store to get sugar free chocolate chips for baking but there were none to be had! A really sweet store manager got hold of the Hershey's rep and the wonderful guy had a case sent to the store just for me! My husband is in hog heaven now.

            He sometimes has them by their self, mixed with sliced apple and walnuts or sliced bananas and walnuts! I will be using some of the sugar free recipes on the Hershey sight to make brownies, cookies and cupcakes May even throw a pie in there just for fun!

            Don't worry, I wont let him overdose on the chips, he's only able to eat small portions at a time. Today is a very good day for him.

What, Why, Huh!!

         Wonderful, beautiful, amazing day here in our small town. Quite and peaceful and a little on the windy side but nice you know. 

         Not a lot going on today or I just can't seem to get with it! I read, play with the puppies, care for my husband, list things to do, watch TV a little and do some cooking. Sounds like a lot but it isn't, I;m really dragging my feet.

          I don't know, maybe this just isn't a time for blogging, maybe I need more outside time with our pets! Maybe it's just "Pre Spring Fever" !! LOL! Maybe I'm just old and lonesome, in need of adult conversation about something new. I can;t entertain myself very good!

          Maybe I'll come back later or just wait for another day to write something.

Purples Cats Corner Artwork

If you enjoy sweet, refreshing and beautiful artwork, you should check out the Purplecats Corner blog. Love her work, think you will too! Look her up and share her Facebook page too.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Kind of Terrier Is This Little Girl?

This very special little lady we call  "P-nut"!, just walked up to our house and won our hearts. She was in extremely poor condition, being filthy, covered in fleas and flea dirt, very, very thin and starving!  Since she has wiry hair and the ears fold over we are guessing she might be a "Border Terrier" and might be three months give or take!


         In order to bring her in I had to first bathe her with a good flea soap and introduce her to the blow dryer!  She wasn't all that crazy about getting a bath but took it in stride quite well. You could tell the bath helped as she was very perky after and now she is flea free. I will have to do daily wet cotton swaps on her rear end where she has a large area of flea dirt build up. One must do it slowly so as not to make the hair fall out. She had been out a long time on her own or just didn't have good people taking care of her to be in such terrible shape. 


           Upon completion of her grooming I fortunately have on hand some excellent puppy food "Blue" which we feed to our youngest dog, Ginger, so she had a very good yet tiny meal to start the day off right. She ate like there was no tomorrow, poor baby. I think she would have eaten until she fell over she was just starving!  We feed all our dogs "Blue", what a difference it has made for them. We have a black lab, a mixed terrier puppy and a toy poodle and they all get alone great with the new puppy.

          We'll be taking P-nut to the vet this week maybe he can tell us more about her breed and her age. We need to get her started on her shots and flea treatment as soon as possible. Because she is so small I gave her a quarter of one of Precious flea pills which seems to be all she needs right now.

We have a good back yard for all our dogs to play in but they are all house dogs. P-nut has enjoyed checking it out.

          When it come to feeding time P-nuts table manners are not very good just yet so she has to eat in the time out cage or she would try eating the other dogs food which might not be received very well! Also she stays in the cage when I have to run errands as she like to chew on things a bit!!! LOL!


Sunday, July 31, 2011


Late, not sure what I'm doing here tonight. Past weeks have been a real challenge, think I'm stuck trying to crawl out of it. Having a hard time finding that bright spot, you know what I;m saying. That little light that makes one know it's all going to work out in the end for the better. Maybe I;m just tired and a bit put out with myself for acting like a baby, after all we've been through hard times before.

My very best friend and love of my life, my husband has been put on temporary disability while Dr's try to figure out whats wrong with his back and why he can hardly walk. He has lost weight, muscle, and strength in his legs. His left leg will just give way and he can and has fallen several times. He walks every where with a cane now, hopefully to prevent another fall. Sometimes he is so week just getting around the house is a chore for him.

It's just really hard to watch someone you love day in and day out, sitting around in pain and I can;t seem to come up with much to make things better for him. I want to make it all better as I would have done for a child but this has me just about beat! I've put in hours on line trying to learn all I can about the therapy they had him doing and with what I Learned, I find I'm very angry with the therapist!

Long and short of this is I need much, much sleep so I can get up early and have my first coffee outside with the dogs, birds, squirrels and who ever happens to get up at the same time. I will put a smile on my face and strive to work harder to make the day better for him. I will help him through his paces and give him a good rub down and maybe he will be up to a trip to town so we can get that elliptical training machine that just might help him to start to get a little better and stronger.

Last thing tonight after saying good night, I'll ask the Lord to help him and to guide me in all that I need to do and know for my part in this too. Bless his heart he deserves a far better wife then I have been but the Lord has put us together so hopefully it will all work out. It must, it will!

With the morning sun, tears and fears will fade and new beginnings will grow. Think I can just see the light!